July 9, 2022



Toyota is no stranger to innovation. For that reason, a partnership with Synture to test our Cost Per Visit model was a natural fit. Looking to drive visits Delaware, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey dealerships, Toyota and their agency partner Saatchi & Saatchi leveraged our industry-leading location data to optimize reach and maximize campaign effectiveness by only paying for verified visits.


Our Cost Per Visit advertising campaigns, the first pay-for-performance model for driving in-store visits, optimizes campaigns in real-time to drive store visits. We identified and reached true in-market consumers, engaging those most likely to be in the market for a new car, and willing to drive to a nearby dealership. Neighborhood and Location Audience data allowed Toyota to tap into visitation patterns over the last 90 days and create look-a-like audiences to reach the most relevant in-market shoppers.


  • In the client's own words, the dealerships saw the effectiveness of the campaigns "in the real world, with true visits." Our location-based campaigns resulted in over 1,200 visits to specified dealerships in the Delaware, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey targeted demographic areas.
  • Proved marked success with behavioral audience segmenting, identifying audience groups most likely to want a Toyota. Segments include in-market car shoppers, frequent renters, and even "park lovers"
  • Along with increased foot traffic to client dealerships
  • Drove incremental visits to smaller Toyota dealerships along with those in the core group
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