July 6, 2023

35% Increase in Pet Store Foot Traffic Using Geofencing vs Traditional Marketing

In the fast-paced world of digital advertising, geofencing has emerged as a game-changing tool that allows businesses to harness the potential of precise location-based targeting. By leveraging geofencing capabilities, businesses can engage their target audience with personalized and relevant content, driving higher engagement and ultimately, boosting their brand's success. In this insight, we explore a remarkable success story that highlights the immense potential of geofencing in the context of a family-owned pet food brand.

Case Study: Family-Owned Pet Food Brand's Journey

The Challenge:

For a family-owned pet food brand, connecting with pet owners in a highly competitive market was the key to standing out from the crowd. They sought an innovative solution that could deliver tailored messaging to pet owners at the right time and place. This is where geofencing stepped in to revolutionize their advertising strategy.

The Solution: Geofencing Unleashed

By implementing geofencing, the pet food brand was able to create virtual boundaries around specific locations, such as pet stores, dog parks, and veterinary clinics. These geofences allowed the brand to deliver highly targeted advertisements directly to pet owners within those locations, capturing their attention in a meaningful way.

The Results: Amplifying Brand Reach and Engagement

The implementation of geofencing proved to be a game-changer for the family-owned pet food brand. It enabled them to reach pet owners at the perfect moment, driving higher brand engagement and generating a significant increase in foot traffic to their retail partners' stores. Some of the key statistics from the campaign include:

  1. 35% increase in foot traffic to partner pet stores within the geofenced areas.
  2. 46% higher click-through rate (CTR) compared to previous non-geofenced campaigns.

Key Takeaways: Unlocking the Potential of Geofencing

  1. Targeted Reach: Geofencing empowers businesses to precisely target their desired audience based on specific locations, reaching potential customers when they are most receptive to the brand's message.
  2. Personalized Messaging: By delivering customized content to users within the geofenced locations, brands can create a personalized connection with their audience, driving higher engagement and brand affinity.
  3. Increased Foot Traffic: Geofencing can effectively drive foot traffic to physical locations by strategically targeting potential customers in the vicinity, thereby increasing the chances of in-store conversions and purchases.
  4. Competitive Advantage: Geofencing provides businesses with a competitive edge by enabling them to deliver hyper-targeted advertisements, ensuring they are reaching the right audience at the right time and place.


The success story of the family-owned pet food brand exemplifies the transformative power of geofencing in driving brand visibility, engagement, and ultimately, business growth. By strategically leveraging geofencing capabilities, businesses across industries can unleash the potential of location-based targeting, creating meaningful connections with their target audience and amplifying their brand's impact.

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Disclaimer: The above insight is based on a case study provided by GroundTruth. The results mentioned are actual statistics from the case study and are meant to highlight the potential of geofencing as a marketing tool.

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