July 9, 2022

Thrive Market


Thrive Market’s mission is to make healthy living easy and affordable to all, and for every food membership bought, they donate one to a person in need. To help drive awareness of this program, Thrive market and agency partners along with Sykes Marketing Group launched an ad campaign to increase the number of free membership applications among low-income individuals.


Audience Targeting of high education, low-income users to drive awareness among key audiences in food deserts. According to Thrive Market research, this population segment has a strong desire to eat healthier but lacks the means to do so. Location Targeting around schools to reach teachers in food deserts, so they can share information with their students about heart-healthy living. Amplified messaging around National Wear Red Day (February 6th) to support heart disease and drive awareness to their giving program.


  • Drove 77% of total campaign traffic to Thrive Market's donation app, increasing both in-visits and awareness of the store's free memberships
  • "National Wear Red Day" ads drove a stronger CTR, both before and during the event on February 6th, driving a rate 3.2% higher than the main campaign’s effective CTR. This proves that consumers were more likely to visit the website when served an ad during a relevant time period.
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