July 8, 2022



Pinkberry, the frozen dessert franchise, wanted to drive more people to its local stores while raising awareness of a new product, Pinkberry Greek Yogurt. Pinkberry turned to Synture to provide a hyper-localized experience for mobile users.


Location Targeting allowed Pinkberry to target consumers within a one-mile radius of its stores. Drawing this line ensured only those near a Pinkberry would see its ads.

Audience Targeting was used to deliver ads to people in specific locations, beyond a mile radius, whose purchase history indicated they were likely to buy a healthy treat. Dynamic Ad Creative was used to promote two offers: “$1 off” and “Buy One, Get One.” When users clicked the promotion, they arrived on a custom landing page—specific to their location—with an option to save the coupon, check the phone number and address, or get immediate directions to the store.


The campaign’s location-focused targeting solutions doubled Pinkberry’s benchmark success rates. 100% lift in place-based performance

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