Privacy Policy

Version 1
Created on:
May 12, 2022

Synture takes the protection of your personal information very seriously, and will go to great lengths to ensure the safety and security of any information you provide.

No information about Synture’s customers or their transactions with the company is ever sold, divulged, shared, or otherwise disseminated to any third parties under any circumstances. On occasion, the company may send marketing emails to its customers on behalf of third parties; however, such marketing will only be done in a way that ensures customer information does not leave the company’s custody and control.

Employees and associates of Synture will never ask you for personal identifying information over the phone or through email, and they will never ask you for credit card or other payment information over the phone or through email.

Synture does not receive or store any payment information directly on its servers. Currently, all payments for subscriptions and other services are processed through Stripe, which is solely responsible for payment processing, refunds or credits, and the storage of customer payment information.

Given the fact that Synture does not maintain any information that is not otherwise available to the public, there is little to no chance that a breach of our systems could or would put the personal identities of our customers at risk. We do, however, take all such incidents extremely seriously and will notify our customers via email as soon as a breach is discovered in our system.

Synture invites anyone with questions, concerns, or comments about this policy to send an email to, and we will respond as soon as possible when and where it is appropriate, according to the policy. Despite the fact that this policy is subject to change at any time without notice, the company promises to notify all customers via email as soon as a material change occurs that customers should be aware of.