July 6, 2023

Accelerating Automotive Sales: Unleashing the Power of Geofencing at Digital Dealer Conference

In the realm of digital advertising, geofencing has emerged as a powerful tool that allows businesses to unlock new opportunities for engagement and drive remarkable results. By harnessing the capabilities of geofencing, automotive dealerships can revolutionize their marketing strategies and achieve impressive outcomes. In this insight, we explore the successful implementation of geofencing at the Digital Dealer Conference, showcasing the immense potential of this technology in driving automotive sales.

Digital Dealer Conference's Geofencing Success

The Challenge:

The Digital Dealer Conference faced the challenge of effectively reaching and engaging attendees amidst the competitive landscape of the automotive industry. They sought an innovative solution to enhance brand visibility, drive booth traffic, and, ultimately, generate qualified leads.

The Solution: Geofencing Unleashed

Synture leveraged advanced retargeting strategies to engage directly with attendees of the renowned Digital Dealer event by precisely blueprinting the layout of the Tampa Convention Center. Amidst a competitive landscape featuring numerous industry rivals, Synture effectively broke through the clutter by retargeting this select group of identified attendees. Through targeted and timely follow-up messaging, we fostered a continuous enhancement of brand awareness and generated genuine interest in our innovative solutions throughout the post-event period.

Additionally, Synture employed On-Premise Targeting to engage consumers at the very moment when they were within a 0.8-mile radius of the Tampa Convention Center. This astute approach enabled us to promptly connect with key stakeholders within the automotive industry, providing them with highly relevant advertisements and tailored messaging that resonated with their immediate context.

The Results: Transforming Automotive Marketing

After implementing a compelling three-day campaign, Synture witnessed remarkable outcomes. We successfully achieved a notable click-through rate of 0.32% while maintaining a cost-per-click as low as $1.58. Notably, our dedicated auto industry webpage experienced an impressive surge of 575% in online traffic compared to the preceding 7-day period. These exceptional results clearly highlight the effectiveness of Synture's solutions and media campaigns in building brand awareness by precisely reaching the right audience at the right time.

Even amidst the vast landscape of the Digital Dealer Conference, Synture excelled in reaching relevant audiences within the automotive industry and establishing our brand presence. We accomplished this by precisely identifying the appropriate audience based on their real-world behaviors, specifically their attendance at the event. Leveraging behavioral and location-based targeting, we effectively engaged this audience, ensuring our brand stood out in a competitive environment and leaving a lasting impact.

Key Takeaways: Unlocking the Potential of Geofencing

  1. Targeted Reach: Geofencing empowers automotive dealerships to precisely target their desired audience based on specific locations, reaching potential customers when they are most engaged and receptive to their messaging.
  2. Amplified Brand Visibility: By delivering tailored advertisements directly to attendees' mobile devices, geofencing enhances brand visibility and increases the chances of driving booth traffic and engaging with potential customers.
  3. Enhanced Lead Generation: Geofencing allows automotive dealerships to capture the attention of qualified prospects within the geofenced area, increasing the likelihood of lead generation and driving post-event conversions.
  4. Competitive Edge: Leveraging geofencing provides automotive dealerships with a competitive advantage by delivering highly targeted and personalized messaging, standing out in a crowded marketplace.

Conclusion:The success story of geofencing implementation at the Digital Dealer Conference showcases the immense potential of this technology in transforming automotive marketing strategies. By strategically leveraging the power of geofencing, automotive dealerships can elevate their brand visibility, engage with their target audience at key moments, and drive impressive sales results.

To explore more insights and success stories related to geofencing and its capabilities, we encourage you to visit GroundTruth's blog and case studies section on their website.

Disclaimer: The above insight is based on a case study provided by GroundTruth. The results mentioned are actual statistics from the case study and are meant to highlight the potential of geofencing as a marketing tool in the automotive industry.

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