July 8, 2022

Music Store


A local Greensboro, NC music store approached Synture to discover what geofencing could do for them as they looked to increase return traffic after reopening from Covid-19. This music store wanted to see an uplift of customers based on the current customer base.


Synture, using the power of geofencing, drew a virtual perimeter around this music store with a look-back audience of 365 days which included pre covid audience sets. We then place conversion zones around the music to count foot traffic attribution.


For an advertising budget of $300 this 30 day campaign resulted with:

110,00 impressions

a CTR of .28% or 300+ clicks

a total of 600 conversion visits.

This campaign extended until the end of summer 2021. To learn more about Synture geofencing solutions. Contact us today!

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