July 8, 2022

CPG Brand


As grocery stores encountered challenging stock issues due to the pandemic-driven stockpiling and supply chain issues, consumers found themselves with unchecked boxes on their grocery lists. Driving shoppers to locations with stock available became more important than ever to ensure both satisfied customers and high product sell-through rates. One fresh meat brand turned to GroundTruth’s In-Stock Targeting solution to dynamically power their ads, driving consumers to shop at Walmart stores that had their products in-stock either via grocery pick-up or an in-store shopping trip.


In-Stock Targeting allows Synrure to dynamically turn media on or off based solely on product availability at nearby surrounding stores. With direct insight into stores’ inventory, Synture maximized the effectiveness of the brand’s ads by optimizing targeting tactics that only drove potential shoppers to locations with in-stock inventory. Location-Based Audience Targeting was used to reach known shoppers of specified Walmart stores. Location-Based Audience Targeting drove 93% of visits for consumers who placed an order online for pick-up and 83% of all clicks on ads to “Add to Cart”. Custom Audience Targeting allowed the fresh meat brand to target known shoppers of select Walmart Stores that fell into specific audience segments like Millennials, BBQ & Grilling Enthusiasts, Natural Food Shoppers, Moms, and Dads. Purchase-Based Targeting, which targeted audiences who had previously purchased this brand or products from a similar category, successfully drove 2X the average CTR on the in-store focused creative.


Connecting customers to stores with product availability ensured a seamless, positive shopper experience. Synture innovative solutions powered by GroundTruth, helped this supplier drive over 802K visits to Walmart stores, for either their grocery pick-up or for an in-person grocery trip, as well as 24% increase in sales during this time. Because of the precision of the targeting tactics, the ads proved relevant to the right people at the right time, leading to a low Cost Per Visit of only $0.26. Of the total visits observed, 24% came from new shoppers, indicating that that the ads for in-demand product helped drive new business by shifting consumer behavior.

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