July 27, 2022
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How To Create a Customer Attraction Instagram Bio

It’s not too late to start capitalizing off of the power of Instagram to gain leads who eventually become customers. But it starts with your bio.
How To Create a Customer Attraction Instagram BioHow To Create a Customer Attraction Instagram Bio

We’ll be honest, Instagram can be a tough code to crack for brands looking to use it to gain leads and (new and repeat) customers.

However, even in 2022 it’s still a sleeping giant that many are too afraid to nudge to grow their small business.

It’s probably because you're too overwhelmed by the constant changes Instagram is always making to the algorithm, or you’re just not sure about what exactly you should be sharing on Instagram, which is totally understandable.

The good news is that it’s easy to turn your Instagram into a customer lead generation machine, it just takes a little strategy to make it work to your advantage.

To capitalize on the power of Instagram you’re going to need three things:

  1. A killer customer attraction bio that has a call-to-action
  2. A posting schedule that is full of reels that elicit interest
  3. A strong commenting game plan to create connections

Today, we’re going to focus on #1 and tackle the other two later this month (don’t forget to get on our email list down below, so you can get those posts in your inbox).

An Instagram bio is your first (and often only) opportunity to put a call-to-action (CTA) to work for your brand. If you don’t know, CTA’s are the workhorses of your marketing strategy. CTA’s are simply providing a compelling reason why someone should officially connect with you. When you're a small business owner, your CTA’s should always be rooted in solving the person’s (target market) problem.

Your CTA could motivate your target market user to sign up for your email list, book an appointment, buy your book, sign up for your webinar, and about a million other actions that will get your target customer into your sales funnel.

Before we jump into creating your Instagram bio, let’s take a moment to get real about why you want to use Instagram in the first place. Point blank, Instagram is free advertising. Yes, you can pay for ads, but you can also put in the sweat equity and organically create an engaged community for free.

Instagram is what leads content creators with just 50,000 followers to make $350K a year.

Instagram is what leads to books becoming New York Times best-sellers.

Instagram is what leads to hair stylists having hair salons with wait lists.

Instagram is what leads accountants to a stream of clients.

Instagram is what leads to six-figure Shopify stores.

Therefore, it’s perfectly natural for you to want to crack the Instagram code. Who wouldn’t want that type of success?

But now it’s time to help you build the brand you envision on Instagram so you can gain more clicks, connections, and customers.

Next, we’ll share our Instagram bio formula for attracting customers, and then we’ll highlight a few small business owners who have mastered the (easy) art of a customer attraction Instagram bio.

Here’s Your Easy Formula for a Customer Attraction Instagram Bio in 3 Steps

  1. Share WHO you are (your credibility) = NYC’s fave personal trainer 😎
  2. Share WHAT the problem is (target market’s pain point) = Moms! Get your ABS back 🔥
  3. Share HOW they can work with you (your solution to their problem) = Download 30 FREE ABS Workouts ⬇️

Keep each line brief (2-6 words) to keep reader’s attention and use emoji’s to deepen connection and sense of urgency.

BONUS: Use the name section to highlight what you do. Instagram uses this space to categorize accounts which can increase your discoverability on the algorithm.

For example:

Tasha - NYC Personal Trainer (name section)
NYC’s fave personal trainer 😎
Moms! Get your ABS back 🔥
Download 30 FREE ABS Workouts ⬇️

To bring this formula to life, let’s look at three real time Instagram bios of small business owners. These profiles absolutely nail customer attraction marketing with their bio. So, take notes!

We love how Monroe shares EXACTLY who she is and backs it up with her credentials. She also directs you to read her blog, shop her looks, and watch her videos. Monroe has totally mastered the art of the call-to-action in a short and sweet bio.

AJ immediately lets you know what he has to offer his target market, shares more of his credentials, and includes a direct CTA, which inspires users to take action so they can possibly become the “Billion Dollar Don” too.

Juliet has capitalized on using the name space for sharing WHO she professionally is, which more and likely boosts her ranking in the algorithm. She also sets some boundaries and expectations by highlighting that she doesn’t read DMs. But what we love the most is that she has a very specific offer “ADHD/Financial & Ancestral Trauma” for a niche target audience. “The riches are in the niches”.

Hopefully, sharing these examples will inspire you to revisit your Instagram bio. Doing so can be a quick and easy win to help you get to the exact level these small business owners are at (you can do this in 3-6 months if you execute a strategy).

If you need even more guidance than these tips, then our Synture membership program may be exactly what you are looking for.

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Let’s hear it from you: Do you now feel confident enough to make your Instagram bio a customer attraction machine?

By Darryl Sykes CEO of

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