July 19, 2022
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What Is Your #1 Challenge as a Small Business Owner?

Got small business headaches? We’re here to listen. Hopefully, we can help you put your challenges behind you so you can start taking strategic action.
What Is Your #1 Challenge as a Small Business Owner?What Is Your #1 Challenge as a Small Business Owner?

Building a profitable business from the ground up is one of the most challenging things an ambitious person with a dream can ever do. Wouldn’t you agree?

A profitable business takes so much more than having a hot TikTok account, a business bank account, and a boutique on Shopify. It takes strategic email marketing, customer relationship management, project management, access to capital, and so much more. And if you’re reading this, you are more and likely understanding this the hard way.

You’ve been through a storm of trial and error. Trying to figure out what “secret sauce” you are missing in your business. And it’s not from a lack of trying, we know that you are showing up every day and pushing your business out into the world.

But instead of an increasing number of new customers and profits:

  • Your emails are full of requests for refunds
  • You're using your Cash App to accept payments
  • Your Instagram posts get little to no likes, comments, or saves
  • You’re asking your Mom for yet another loan to buy more inventory

Ouch! We hate to go there, but we had to.

Every day we hear small business owners complain, complain, complain 🫤

If this has been you, then it’s time to pause and self-reflect on what you're not doing, versus what you are.

P. Diddy once said, “Take the craziest dream you’ve ever had and go after it. But do it with an airtight plan”.

Let’s get you on the right track…

To embody your inner P.Diddy we’ve got some serious questions for you. They are wrapped up into a survey of 5 questions to help us, help you.

The survey questions ask about your current company revenue, digital marketing strategy, social media marketing strategy, customer service, and business management.

Gaining these insights can help us deliver even more on exactly what you need as a small business owner.

Take The Survey Here

Did you know that…

Synture is a company with small business roots between a husband and wife that had a vision and went after it with a plan. Therefore, we uniquely understand your challenges in a competitive market trying to succeed.

For those that are ready to do better at walking your talk, you can check out our online business academy.

It walks small business owners through everything they need to launch (or relaunch) a business in 2022!

We can’t thank you enough for stopping by and taking our survey (no matter if this is your first time discovering us or are already a member). With Synture, you are not alone in your small business.

However, we can’t express enough just how crucial of a time it is right now for you to get your business affairs in order and map out a game plan for long-term success.

With a global recession expected next year, you don’t want to still be scrambling to find a winning formula in your business. If you are in that space, you will be left behind and your business may not survive an economic downturn.

That’s why we are ready to listen to your challenges right now. The sooner you share, the more you can gain access to leading experts in small business from accounting, marketing, and management. Essentially, your answers will allow us to better provide even more robust cutting-edge resources in our articles and in our online business academy membership program.

So go ahead, and share what’s on your small business heart and mind!

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Feel free to also share in the comments your business challenges! Our team will reply with specific resources!

By Darryl Sykes CEO of

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